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Ordering and Planning

How do I place an order for stationery?

Contact me with an initial description of the stationery you would like and I will send you a few questions to answer about your wedding and vision for your design. Once these are completed and returned, and I have a better understanding of what you would like, we can arrange a one hour consultation or telephone discussion to talk through stationery options. I will then send you a quote and contract to sign and, once I have all the necessary information, I can start designing your order.

When should I order my invitations and how long do they take to be designed?

Invitations should ideally be ordered at least six months before the wedding. It usually takes between four and eight weeks to design and print a wedding stationery order (although this time can increase depending on the complexity or size of the order), so this will allow plenty of time after the designs have been printed and delivered, for you to send them to guests. Invitations should then be posted out to guests two to three months before the wedding, and extra time should be allowed if you are planning a destination wedding.

How many invitations should I order?

If you already have a guest list, use this as a starting point. Invitations are not usually sent to every individual guest - there will be families and couples included on your list so work out the total number of households you will be sending invitations to. Always order an extra 15% for late guest additions and keepsakes.

What is your minimum order quantity?

The minimum I am able to produce of any stationery item (e.g. invitation) is 50.

How will my invitations, and other items, be worded?

There are several ways to word stationery items, depending on the feel and formality of the wedding. I will need to know key information about your wedding in order to design the stationery, and have prepared forms for invitations, save the dates and reply cards, which include options and areas to fill in for all details needed. These can be sent out to you as early as you need. If you need further help with wording options, please contact me. Once I have all the information I need, I can then design the stationery items.

Printing and Design

What is letterpress?

Letterpress is a traditional printing process, which involves an old, hand-operated printing press, specialist printing inks and quality cotton papers. Inks are mixed to the correct colours and then hand pressed into the surface of the paper, using pressure to create a tactile embossed impression of the design. Every stationery item is individually printed, giving each piece its own charm.  

What is your design process for stationery items?

Each collection is custom designed, no matter how big or small. I can accept orders for invitations as well as other stationery items, and I am able to create co-ordinating suites of stationery, which have a consistent colour palette and design so that each piece works seamlessly with the next.

There are several options to choose from when having your stationery designed:

1. Paper Choice - I use cotton papers to create my stationery, which work extremely well with the letterpress process. They come in two colours (a bright Fluorescent White and softer Pearl White) and both come in either the thick 300gsm weight or the extra thick 600gsm weight. 

2. Ink Colours - All printing inks are mixed by hand, so I am able to offer a wide range of ink colours for stationery designs. If you have already chosen a colour scheme or would like to highlight a specific colour, let me know as I can then print your stationery to match or co-ordinate with it.

3. Envelope Colours - Choose from 5 colours for envelopes, which come with pointed gummed flaps. Envelopes are included in the cost of your order. 

4. Calligraphy - I am able to offer three calligraphy styles for your designs, which can be incorporated into designs or used to hand address envelopes.

During our initial consultation, we will run through the above options for your stationery in more depth to create a design which perfectly reflects your wedding style. These options will then be used to design your collection. See here for more information about my design process.

I have seen a stationery design I really like. Are you able to reproduce it?

No, it is a violation of copyright law to reproduce another designer's work.

Do my invitations come with envelopes?

Yes. All invitations and RSVPs come with co-ordinating FSC certified envelopes (meaning they are made with pulp from responsibly managed forests). These will not come pre-addressed; however, if you would like the guest and return addresses to be hand written onto your envelopes in calligraphy, this can be ordered for an additional cost.

Will I be able to see a hard copy of my designs before they go to print?

Unfortunately, due to the nature of letterpress, I cannot supply hard copies of designs before they are printed. However, I will send you a digital proof to check before going ahead with the order. Please be aware that colours may vary slightly between different computer screens, which will mean that the final printed colour may not match the digital proof exactly. During the initial consultation, samples of ink colours will be available to look at, should you wish to see how they will be printed. 

Payment and Returns

How do I pay for my order?

My preferred method of payment is BACS transfer. All payment information will be displayed on your invoice. I will ask for an initial deposit of 30% of the order payment once the contract has been signed and the quote has been approved. I will then ask for 50% of the order payment when the designs have been approved for print, and the final 20% of the payment when the stationery is printed and ready to be posted out to you.

What happens if I find a mistake or spelling error on one of my invitations?

You will be responsible for the accuracy of the wording you send for your stationery, so please make sure that all names, venue addresses and other details are checked for spelling and grammatical errors before they are sent to me. I will provide plenty of opportunities to see the wording again during the design process but once they have been approved and printed, I will be unable to change them. Extra charges will apply to re-print design work.

What is your return/cancellation policy?

Due to the bespoke nature of the stationery designs, items cannot be refunded or returned. If you decide to cancel your order after the designs have been approved or printed, I cannot refund any amount and will retain the full payment fee for the order. If, however, you cancel your order before the stationery items have been printed, I will only retain the initial 50% deposit fee.