Silver Press Designs is a Yorkshire-based wedding and event stationery design studio specialising in illustration and calligraphy.



Meet Stephanie

As a designer, I have always worked naturally with paper and strongly believe that fine stationery is one of the most beautiful ways to communicate. I design with elegance in mind, using illustration and calligraphy to give a personal touch to my products, and apply a considerate approach to my work with every hand drawn stroke.

I have a deep respect for traditional printing methods and, as a result, I choose to use the letterpress process - a hand-operated form of printing, dating back to the 15th century - to produce all my collections. For me, the thrill of a beautiful piece of stationery lies in how it feels to pick up and hold. It is the little details, such as the texture of the paper surface or impression of the printed design, which can have the biggest impact and this is what makes choosing and receiving stationery such a personal experience.

Work Process

I personally meet or speak with each couple before I begin their stationery order to establish a better understanding about their wedding, the stationery items they would like, and their 'vision' for how they want them to look. Each collection I produce, no matter how big or small, is custom designed, meaning that it is unique to the wedding it is made for.

I take time to talk couples through the available paper, envelope and colour options to find the right combination for them, and work on each stage of the design myself, pairing hand drawing illustrations with flowing calligraphy, to ensure that each piece works seamlessly with the next,

Every stage of the process, from speaking with couples to seeing their designs come to life on the press, is a pleasure to be a part of and it is a joy to be able to produce designs which can be cherished for years to come.